Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials: Complete Edition for $17.99

$17.99 $29.99

Learn the art of fingerstyle jazz guitar with 12 lessons aimed at building chord vocabulary, separating bass and melody voices, and improvisation in the style of jazz guitar greats like Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass. Along the way, you’ll study jazz interpretations of traditional songs and chord progressions based on classic jazz-standard repertoire.
This comprehensive guide is available in two different formats:
  • Book and audio package. 84 pages with notation, tab, and free audio downloads for all music examples, played by Sean McGowan.
  • PDF and video package. Downloadable product featuring the complete written instruction (including standard notation and tablature) from the book, and more than three hours of accompanying video instruction.  

  • Guide Tone Voicings
  • Four-Part Chord Voicings
  • Building Bass Lines
  • Synchronizing the Hands and Developing Independence
  • Developing Rhythm
  • Considering the Melody
  • Creating Color with Substitutions
  • Building Arrangements
  • Extended Techniques
  • Chord-Shape-Based Improvisation
  • Piano-Influenced Improvisation
  • Orchestral Improvisation

By Sean McGowan


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