Beyond Strumming

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Beyond Strumming is the ultimate guide for any guitarist who wants to go beyond playing the same patterns in song after song, and create accompaniment parts that are more dynamic and distinctive. Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, the founding editor of Acoustic Guitar magazine and a grand prize winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, shares the secrets of effective accompaniment in any style. Through 20 easy-to-follow lessons, you’ll expand your accompaniment toolkit so you can create fresh and varied guitar parts that make the songs shine.  Each lesson includes standard notation, tablature, and video examples.

This comprehensive guide is available in two different formats:

  • Book & Video Download package: 120 pages with written instruction, notation and tab, plus more than 2.5 hours of accompanying video instruction for all music examples, performed by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, available to download.
  • PDF & Video Download package: Downloadable version featuring the complete written instruction (including standard notation and tablature) from the book, plus more than 2.5 hours of accompanying video instruction, performed by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers. 


  • Less Is More
  • Developing Bass Lines
  • Muting
  • Power Chords
  • Sus Chord Embellishments
  • Percussive Grooves
  • Rock Rhythm
  • Dropped-D Tuning
  • Accompanying a Waltz
  • Arranging with a Capo
  • Cross-Picking Accompaniment
  • Flatpicking Fills
  • Melodic Riffs
  • Hybrid Picking
  • Pianistic Picking
  • Open-String Chords Up the Neck
  • Movable Shapes Without the Barre
  • Dropped D in Other Keys
  • Low-Bass Tunings
  • Partial Capoing

Bundle and save!
Beyond Strumming offers 20 lessons from the fundamentals of strong accompaniment to more advanced techniques like cross picking, hybrid picking, and alternate tunings. Now comes Dynamic Guitar which shares six more vital tools for making the most of your guitar as an accompaniment instrument. We'll automatically take 10% off when you order both books together.

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