No. 152, August 2005


In Full Bloom
Jakob Dylan doesn't craft manifestos or wear his heart on his sleeve in his songs. But the Wallflowers' leader advises: Observe the world around you, keep a notebook handy, and tell a timeless story. By Derk Richardson.

Equipment Picks: Jakob Dylan talks about his fave mid-'60s Gibson J-50 and his other gear.

Guitar Dreams
Buying a new guitar is easy; find out how. By Michael John Simmons.

Drive South
Got the Boom-Chuck Blahs? Become a better bluegrass rhythm guitarist with advice from Jim Nunally, Adam Aijala, and Kenny Smith on how to create a variety of rhythm patters, set up your ax, and find your band's groove. By Scott Nygaard.

The Weight. Words and music by Robbie Robertson. We offer up a simple, one-page transcription of the band's classic-rock gem. Perfect for beginners!

A Private Lesson with Peppino D'Agostino. The adventurous fingerstyle guitarist offers advice on tunings, percussive techniques, and developing a strong sense of rhythm. By Doug Young.
Peppino D'Agostino. Lick of the Month. By Doug Young.

All About Amplification. Hal Leonard offers a new book on amplifiers.
Delta Blues Basics. Woody Mann's new book The Guitar of Robert Johnson offers tips on how to master the blues legend's repertoire. By Ian Zack.
Django: The Man and His Music. Learn more about the gypsy-jazz legend in this book by Dave Gelly and Rod Fogg.
Harmony in the Hills. Find out about the Fall 2005 workshop put on by Carol Elizabeth Jones and Laurel Bliss in Black Mountain, North Carolina.
Master Chords from Your Couch. Find out about Berklee College of Music's new online Guitar Chords 101 class.

Fender ESD-10 Dreadnought. An elegant and versatile debut from Fender's new Ensenada series. Gear Editor Teja Gerken reviews the first dreadnought from the company's new factory in northern Mexico. By Teja Gerken.
Hohner GM-750S Grand Auditorium. A striking acoustic-electric that's easy on the eyes, ears, fingertips and pocketbook. Associate Editor Shawn Hammond puts this lovely, sweet-sounding guitar through its paces. By Shawn Hammond.
Yamaha Magicstomp Acoustic. A flexible, full-featured effects stompbox perfect for guitar geeks and technophobes. Music Editor Andrew DuBrock gives the lowdown on a power-packed pedal. By Andrew DuBrock.

Behringer V-Tone Acoustic ADI 21 Preamp/DI Pedal. The German electronics company unveils a new XLR-equipped DI stompbox that anybody can afford.
Breedlove Atlas AC250/CR with Synergy System. Boutique builders put put hexaphonic RMC pickups into new guitar, giving it the ability to interface with synths, notation software, and modeling devices.
Tapco Mix50 Mixer. Tapco comes out with an affordable new five-channel mixer.
Weber Big Sky Archtop. The boutique guitar outfit unveils a gorgeous new ax.


Kathleen Edwards. The fast-rising canadian alt-country star finds inspiration in everyday details like a pink Emerson radio. By Judith Edelman.
Kathleen Edwards's Equipment Picks. What She Plays. Kathleen Edwards' list of guitar gear. By Judith Edelman.

Doug MacLeod. The veteran blues groovemaster explains how to get your groove down and sail off into uncharted blues territory. By David Hamburger.
Doug MacLeod's Equipment Picks. What He Plays. Get the skinny on Doug McLeod's rig. By David Hamburger.

Embellishing Cowboy Chords. Create countless easy and cool patterns by adding hammer-ons and pull-offs to first-position chords. By David Hodge.

Smooth Moves. Learn to change chords more easily by teaching your fingers to work as a unit. By David Hamburger.

Back to the Future. Trailblazing modern guitar companies pay homage to vintage flattops. By Michael John Simmons.

How to get a Great Pickup Sound in Your Home Studio. 15 tips for getting a great pickup sound in your home studio. By Doug Young.

Reader's Rig. AG reader Michael Millham talks about his guitars and gear. Michael Millham's setup is perfect for accompanying his wife's 21st-century art songs.

True North Guitars. Dennis Scanell's refined fingerstyle guitars showcase his almost obsessive attention to detail. By Simone Solondz.

Musical Milestone. A handbuilt Huss and Dalton was the perfect way to mark this reader's 50th birthday. By Howard Gotfryd.

Blackwoods: Comparable to Rosewood?. Luthier Todd Taggart talks about various tonewoods used in classical guitars. By Todd Taggart.
Create Sound Loops with Guitar or Vocals. Teja Gerken answers a reader's question about looping devices. By Teja Gerken.
The Scoop on Grunewald Guitars. Michael I. Holmes gives a curioius reader a little history on the Grunewald guitar company. By Michael I. Holmes.

Bruce Springsteen, Devils and Dust. By Derk Richardson.
Glen Phillips, Winter Pays for Summer. By Drew Pearce.
Jerry Reed, Live, Still. By Craig Dobbins.
The White Stripes, Get Behind Me Satan. RBy Shawn Hammond.
Tracy Grammer, Flower of Avalon. By Mike Thomas.
Alieksey Vianna, Alieksey Vianna Plays Sergio Assad. By Mark Small.
Carol Elizabeth Jones and Laurel Bliss, Ridin' Along. By Michael John Simmons.
Darrell Scott, Danny Thompson, Kenny Malone, Live in NC. By Celine Keating.
Debashish Bhattacharaya, Calcutta Slide Guitar. By Henry Kaiser.
Kent Hillman, Bijoux. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Flatpicking Celtic Style. With the right feel, phrasing, and a few authentic ornaments, you can play Irish fiddle tunes like you're from the old country. By Sue Thompson.

Eight Days a Week. Words and music. A transcription of the Beatles' classic for the intermediate player. By Craig Dobbins.
Milwaukee Blues. Traditional, adapted by Steve James from Charlie Poole. A new arrangement of an old-time favorite. By Steve James.

The Zeidler Project. A bevy of top-notch luthiers banded together to pay tribute to the late John (J.R.) Zeidler with one unique guitar. By Richard Johnston.

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