Acoustic Guitar Unlimited.

There is no limit to what you can learn.

Here's how to download the 10 lessons excerpted in the Acoustic Guitar Unlimited catalog that came with your October issue of Acoustic Guitar.

  1. Add this product, "AGU LESSONS" to your cart
  2. When prompted, enter the discount code that was printed in the catalog
  3. We’ll e-mail you a zip file of the lessons (video, audio, and PDF files)

This bundle includes the complete versions of the lessons excerpted in the catalog:

GETTING IN TUNE: Introduction to the Acoustic Guitar Method
COLOR YOUR TONE: The Beginner’s Guide to Guitar
INTRO TO FINGERSTYLE: Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method
THE BIG ‘BOOM’ THEORY: Carter-Style Guitar Basics
A CLASSIC BLUES: Early Jazz and Swing Songs for Guitar
GREAT ROCK STRUMMING: Acoustic Rock Essentials
RIDE THE SLIDE: Basic Bottleneck on a Classic Outlaw Tune
INTRO TO DADGAD: Explore Alternate Tunings
STAND & DELIVER: Irish Songs for Guitar
THE ART OF THE ARPEGGIO: Classical Guitar for Steel-String Players

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