Acoustic Guitar Solo Fingerstyle Basics


Enrich your playing with the expressive, dynamic, symphonic textures of solo fingerstyle guitar. With the guidance of master teachers, you'll learn to build simple melodies into complete guitar arrangements, understand fingerings that will bring intimidating chords within your reach and put you at ease with country blues, classical techniques, Celtic music, and more. Includes:


  • Building Fingerstyle Arrangements - Andrew DuBrock
  • Alternating Bass Fingerpicking - Ken Perlman
  • Your First Country Blues - Dale Miller
  • Hammer-ons and Pull-offs - Ken Perlman


  • Dropped-D Tuning - Happy Traum
  • Celtic Songs in Standard Tuning - Al Petteway
  • Hard Chords Made Easy - Mark Hanson
  • Great Classical Exercises - Gary Joyner


  • Greensleeves
  • Jesse James
  • Dale's Blues
  • The White Cockade
  • In Old Colonial Days
  • Worried Blues
  • Wild Mt. Thyme
  • Sidh Beag, Sidh Mor
  • Tentacle Tango
  • Sweet Thing
  • Slow Waltz

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