10 Etudes for Fingerstyle Ukulele

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10 Etudes for Fingerstyle Ukulele was written as an extension of the Fingerstyle Ukulele Book (available in our sister store, Ukulele). This book or digital download is specifically geared towards players who have a basic understanding and execution of fingerstyle technique, but need more of a challenge in their playing (ideal for intermediate and advanced players)

The etude book includes 9 original pieces (including two duets!) by Aaron Keim and 1 traditional Swedish waltz. Each piece is accompanied by a Youtube video where Aaron plays the tune and gives instructional tips and tricks.


  • Etude 1: Fingerstyle Bootcamp
  • Etude 2: Another Waltz
  • Etude 3: Hornpipe
  • Etude 4: Two Note Tumble (Duet)
  • Etude 5: Whiskey Waltz
  • Etude 6: Promenade
  • Etude 7: Shuffle
  • Etude 8: Waltz After Lasse in Lyby
  • Etude 9: Bath Time Bounce
  • Etude 10: It's About Time (Duet)

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