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Discover the origins of the blues in the rural South, early masters like Charley Patton and Blind Lemon Jefferson, and the guitars and techniques used by acoustic blues players, then and now, with this lively, comprehensive guide to one of America's most vital musical legacies.

Leading roots-music performer and recording artist Steve James answers 50 key questions for contemporary blues guitarists and fans alike and provides invaluable reference information on essential recordings, books, websites, workshops, and more. With Inside Blues Guitar, you'll find the right gear, repertoire, and resources to play the blues and truly appreciate America's most accessible and enduring musical tradition. Includes:

  • Expert Answers to 50 Essential Questions
  • Artists and Styles
  • Tunings and Techniques
  • Performing and Practicing
  • Guitars and Gear
  • CDs, Books, Workshops, and More

"Suppose you could sit down for an afternoon with one of the top acoustic-blues players in the country and ask him about blues history and technique, get tips on practicing and performing, and find out what some of those obscure lyrics really mean. The next best thing might be this book by Steve James."

—Kerry Dexter, Dirty Linen

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