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No. 153, September 2005

No Hesitation
Before pioneering psychedelic rock with Jefferson Airplane and composing the fingerstyle classic "Embryonic Journey," Jorma Kaukonen studied the styles of Reverend Gary Davis and other classic blues fingerpickers. Here he breaks down his version of Davis' classic "Hesitation Blues". By Pete Madsen.

Equipment Picks: Jorma Kaukonen's guitars and gear.

Northern Pioneer
Robert Godin's vision of affordable, innovative guitars and enthusiastic, hands-on style turned a small Quebec wood shop into one of North America's largest guitar manufacturers. By Teja Gerken.

Homeward Bound
He last recorded a solo album in 1987 and has spent the intervening years recording soundtracks and playing with a who's who of roots music stars. But by digging deep into the history of his hometown, Los Angeles, and experimenting with an early '60s Kay guitar Ry Cooder jump-started the songwriting process for his new CD, Chavez Ravine. By Derk Richardson.

Equipment Picks:
Ry Cooder's guitars and gear.

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right. Learn an easy way to play the folk legend's classic tune.  

A Private Lesson with Badi Assad. The Brazilian nylon-string virtuoso demonstrates how she plays melody and percussion at the same time. By Julia Crowe.

Equipment Picks: Badi Assad's guitars and gear.

Badi Assad. Lick of the Month. By Julia Crowe.

Celtic in the Carolinas. Study with Steve Baughman and Robin Bullock at a North Carolina beach cottage from October 9-14.
Contest-Winning Flatpicking. Scott Fore's book Flatpicking Solos: 12 Contest-Winning Arrangements shows the licks that helped him capture the National Flatpicking Championship.
Learn the Fretboard in Four Steps. Steve Kaufman's Figuring Out the Fingerboard DVD helps intermediate players boost their familiarity with the fretboard. By Sue Thompson.
Pick a Song, Learn to Play It. Guitar Guru 2.0 software lets you download music and instructions on how to play it.
Rory Block Decodes Robert Johnson. The flattop master shows how to play techniques used by the King of the Delta Blues in her book Rory Block Teaches the Guitar of Robert Johnson.

Alvarez RF20SM Regent Folk Steel-String. A brilliant-toned bargain ax suitable for newbies or discriminating experts. By Shawn Hammond.
Lowden S-35 Small-Body. Ireland's premier guitar company returns with a highly responsive, incredibly easy-to-play flattop. By Teja Gerken.
Apple GarageBand 2 Recording Software. Pro-quality sound and editing flexibility for pocket change. By Drew Pearce.

Electro-Harmonix EH-R1 Ribbon Mic. The stompbox pioneers unveil an affordable ribbon mike.
Gator G-Tech Box. A cool, multipurpose tool that acts as a guitar stand, repair station, and accessory holder.
Levy's Gear Gulley Hook. An innovative gizmo for strapping on your guitar without adding a second strap button.
Nady ADI-2 Dual Active Direct Box. The audio electronics veterans unveil an affordable, rugged DI box.
Saga Durango B-28 Jumbo Deluxe. A bargain jumbo for just $225.


Martha Wainwright. The late-blooming singer turns the curse of family fame into songwriting inspiration, finding her own voice with two different approaches ("weird" and "folky") to song creation. By Dan Ouellette.
Equipment Picks: Martha Wainwright's guitars and gear.

In Memory
Jimmy Martin 1927-2005. The bluegrass icon's voice defined "high and lonesome" and his guitar could drive a band like no one else. By Craig Havighurst.

Take It Easy. It doesn't take much to prevent playing-related injuries. By Sean McGowan.

Step Up to the Barre. Play any major, minor, or seventh chord in any key with barre chords. By David Hamburger.

Quest for Volume. Resonator guitars were originally designed to provide more volume than standard acoustics. They're now a staple in blues and bluegrass. Here's how all those biscuits, cones, and spiders work. By Stacy Phillips.

Live Recording Tips. It might seem crazy, but if you can find a comfortable venue and gear that fits your performance style, live recording is a quick way to get your new songs down on CD. By John Bartus.
Reader's Rig. Eric Skye's setup—Taylor flattop and JBL PA—isn't what you'd expect of a solo jazz guitarist.

Kinnaird Guitars. Georgia luthier John Kinnaird builds affordable flattop beauties based on tradition but with their own individual flair. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Vintage Parlor Present. Ever dreamed of finding a rare vintage guitar in a relative's closet? For Peter Penhallow, that dream actually came true. By Michael John Simmons.

Best Teaching Methods for Kids. A reader writes to ask the best approach to teaching children how to play guitar. By Carol McComb.
Open-Mic Gear. Gear editor Teja Gerken helps a reader determine the type of gear needed to start an open-mic jam. By Teja Gerken.
Refret a Seven-Year Old Guitar? An AG reader wonders whether his not-so-old Martin needs new frets due to frequent use. By Rick Turner.

Corey Harris, Daily Bread. By Ian Zack.
Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, Mighty Rearranger. By Shawn Hammond.
Michelle Shocked, Threesome: Don't Ask Don't Tell, Got No Strings, Mexican Standoff. By Mike Thomas.
Mike Doughty, Haughty Melodic.
 By Drew Pearce.
Robert Earl Keen, What I Really Mean. By Judith Edelman.
John Stowell, Resonance. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Robbie Fulks, Georgia Hard. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Lenny Breau, Swingin' on a Seven-String. By Michael John Simmons.
What the AG Editors are Spinning. What the AG Editors are Spinning. 

Modern Fingerstyle Bass Lines. With a little syncopation, phrasing, and a few percussive techniques, you can turn boring bass lines into fingerstyle funk fests. By Doug Young.

Come As You Are. Words and music by Kurt Cobain. By Andrew DuBrock.

Guild Studio 24 Prototype. Check out this one-of-a-kind double-cutaway flattop from 1986. By George Gruhn.

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