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No. 141, September 2004

Mr. Clapton's Blues
The original blues-rock guitar god pays tribute to his idol Robert Johnson. By Kenny Berkowitz.

Equipment Picks: Eric Clapton's guitars and gear.

The Ramirez Dynasty
Spain's first family of classical guitar construction. By Charles Vega.

Blue Highwayman
Journeyman bluegrass guitarist Tim Stafford records his first solo CD. By Jon Weisberger.

Equipment Picks: Tim Stafford's guitars and gear.

Mail. Reader letters about John Jorgenson, western swing, the math of harmonics, Bernie Leadon, and more.


Wide World
Aki and Kuniko. Tokyo's Eclectic Guitar and Koto Duo. A profile of Hiroaki Sasaki and Kunkio Obina. By Teja Gerken.
Equipment Picks: The guitars, kotos, and gear of Hiroaki Sasaki and Kuniko Obina.

John Wesley Harding. Fresh, biting folk-rock from a budding British novelist. An interview with the English singer-songwriter. By Paul Zollo.
Equipment Picks: John Wesley Harding' guitars and gear.

Roots Revisited
Greg Brown. The contemporary folksinger talks about his traditional album Honey in the Lion's Head. By Mike Thomas.
Equipment Picks: Greg Brown's guitars and gear.

Dobro Fellow. Jerry Douglas awarded a National Heritage Fellowship.
Going Dutch. The Amsterdam Acoustic Blues and Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop, September 27-30.
New Reissues. Expanded editions of early albums by Heart and Vic Chesnutt.
On the Web. New Internet portals for legal music downloads and independent music from around the world.

Getting Out of Ruts. Tips and techniques for avoiding the same old, same old. A variety of strategies to help guitarists break out of old patterns. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

King of Bluegrass: The Life and Times of Jimmy Martin. Jimmy Martin, Don't Cry to Me. By Nicole Solis.
Eddi Reader, Sings the Songs of Robert Burns. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Megan Slankard Band, Freaky Little Story. By Drew Pearce.
Adrienne Young, Plow to the End of the Row. By Simone Solondz.
Chuck Brodsky, Color Came One Day. By Mike Thomas.
Harry Manx, West Eats Meet. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Jan Ekedahl, Dubbelgangarn. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Johnny Horton, Live Recordings from the Louisiana Hayride. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Mary Chapin Carpenter, Between Here and Gone. By Simone Solondz.
Jose Luis Encinas, Travesura Chill. By Celine Keating.
Kris Kristofferson, Repossessed/Third World Warrior. By Mike Thomas.
Shawn Persinger is Priester John, The Art of Modern/Primitive Guitar. By Gary Joyner.
Micah Blue Smaldone, One Sweet Day. By Ian Zack.
The Delmore Brothers, Classic Cuts 1933-41. By Michael John Simmons.

Review. Bose L1 Cylindrical Radiator. A new personal PA system. By Teja Gerken.
Review. Yamaha Magicstomp. A new power-packed guitar processor.

New Gear
Rat Stands HaloClip Light. A new clip-on light for music stands.
Valencia Guitars. New affordable classcial guitars from Saga Musical Instruments.
Weber Bighorn. A new mandolin with a double cutway body.
Zoom MRS-1608. Samson Techologies' new feature-laden version of its 16-track hard-disk recorder.

Judgment Day. How to prepare for a guitar contest. Tips on practicing and getting ready for the big day. By Dave McCarty.

The Pick Trick. How to hide a flatpick while switching to fingerstyle. By John Coco.
Segovia and Steel. Playing classical music on a steel-string guitar. By Tim Sparks.
Unnecessary Truss Stress. What it means when a truss rod's nut is loose. By Frank Ford.
Chords and Melodies up the Neck. A lesson in how to play "up the neck". By Sue Thompson.
Fingerstyle Techniques. A lesson in firing up you fingerstyle leads. By David Hamburger.

1976 Gurian S3R. The story of Gurian guitars and the 1976 S3R. By Richard Johnston.

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