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No. 117, September 2002

'O Brother' and the Bluegrass Boom
How the phenomenal success of a motion picture soundtrack turned the music world on its ear. By Craig Havighurst.

'O Brother' and the Bluegrass Boom
Recommended Listening.

Sweet Sorrow
Soulful songwriter Patty Griffin explores the sad beauty of being human. By Rani Arbo.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of singer-songwriter Patty Griffin.

Celtic Guitar
Tony McManus, Alec Stone Sweet, and Steve Baughman on the myths and realities behind the burgeoning genre. By Danny Carnahan.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Celtic guitarists Steve Baughman, Tony McManus, and Alec Stone Sweet.

Mail. Reader letters.

Outside the Box. German luthier Richard Jacob earned a place among early-20th-century innovators with his adventurous guitar designs and construction. By Teja Gerken.
Spirit and Spark. Michelle Shocked finds creativity in hope after her break from major labels on her CD Deep Natural. By Karen Iris Tucker.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked.

Cajun Connection. For the CD Evangeline Made, Cajun musician and scholar Ann Savoy assembled an unexpected cast of vocalists including Richard Thompson, John Fogarty, and Maria McKee. By Sue Thompson.

Cyber Notes.

Blues by the Book. Author Robert Hellenga incorporates his love for blues guitar in this novel about a blues musician's life. By Dan Gabel.

Hit List
Ben Kweller, Sha Sha. By Nicole Solis.
Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, and David Grisman, Traversata. By Paul Kotapish.
Greg Brown, Milk of the Moon. By Nicole Solis.
Jose Luis Merlin, Dreams of Argentina. By Stephen Dick.
Mike Marshall and Darol Anger, The Duo Live at Home and on the Range. By David McCarty.
Josh Ritter, Golden Age of Radio. By Karen Iris Tucker.
Otis Taylor, Respect the Dead. By Ian Zack.
Larry Pattis, Hands of Time. By Teja Gerken.
Townes Van Zandt, A Gentle Evening with Townes Van Zandt. TBy Michael John Simmons.

Back to School. Advice on finding a guitar teacher that will be a good fit for you. By Sam Shaber.

Other Voices, Other Rooms. Using the voice or style of another songwriter or musician can help you discover new elements to your songs. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Profile. Profile of Arizona luthier Mike Baranik. By Marshall Newman.
Review. Review of three new outboard preamps: PreSonus Acousti-Q, L.R. Baggs Feedback Master, and Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Alesis PicoVerb. The Alesis PicoVerb is a new low-cost effects processor.
Carvin SRS Monitors. Carvin offers affordable near-field studio monitors in its SRS series.
Planet Waves Garcia Straps. Planet Waves now offers a line of guitar straps with designs inspired by Jerry Garcia's artwork.

12-String Tuning. By Teja Gerken.
Loosening Your Grip. By Sue Thompson.
Headstock Repair. By Frank Ford.
Reader Tip: Humidity Sensors. Why you should recalibrate your humidity sensor every year.

Flatpicking 101. Simple techniques to get you flatpicking with fire, conviction, and steady rhythm. By David Hamburger.
Lead Techniques. An introduction to improvisation by embellishing and varying the song's melody. By Chris Grampp.

Gelas Double-Top Guitar. By Eric Schoenberg.

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