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No. 114, June 2002

Going Digital
How to use your computer to record acoustic music. By Teja Gerken and Dylan Schorer.

Measure for Measure
Flatpicker Tony Rice looks back on his long career at the top of the newgrass heap. By Craig Havighurst.

New Gear 2002
The latest guitars, pickups, electronics, and accessories. By Teja Gerken.

Mail. Reader letters.

Nostalgia Trip. David Peterson and 1946 pay tribute to the early days of bluegrass. By Sue Thompson.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of David Peterson and 1946.

Dave Van Ronk, 1936-2002. Obituary of blues and folk music revivalist Dave Van Ronk. By Richard Johnston.
Theater Folk. Pop/folk quartet Eddie from Ohio display their comedic sense and patriotism on their most recent releases, Quick and 9eleven Relief. By Ben Elder.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Eddie from Ohio.

New Releases
Bluegrass Grows at the Grammys. The soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Alison Krauss accounted for several of the nine Grammys awarded to bluegrass musicians. By Nicole Solis.

In Memory. In memory of Harlan Howard, Mark Vann, and Dave Grant.

Love's Microcosm. The Indigo Girls' new CD Become You reflects on romance. By Kate Isenberg.
Blue Hawaii. Review of new slack-key, slide guitar, and ukulele CDs: To Honor a Queen by Ozzie Kotani, The Waikiki Steel Works by Frank Novicki and Ben Bonham, and A Night of Ukulele Jazz: Live at McCabe's by Lyle Ritz and Herb Ohta. By Michael John Simmons.

Hit List
Craig Dobbins, Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Dayna Kurtz, Postcards from Downtown. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Emiel van Dijk, Across the Borders. By Gary Joyner.
Issa Bagayoyo, Timbuktu.By Danny Carnahan.
Lori McKenna, Pieces of Me.By Karen Iris Tucker.
Solas, The Edge of Silence. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Tom Adams, Adams County Banjo. By David McCarty.
John Hartford, Steam Powered Aereo-Takes. By David McCarty.
Marco Pereira, Valsas Brasileiras. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Rodney Hayden, The Real Thing. By Kenny Berkowitz.

Joining In. Advice on playing in a jam session and jam etiquette. By Cosy Sheridan.

Hear, Hear. An annotated guide to ear training resources on the Web. By Andrew DuBrock.

Holding Up the Sky. Alt-country songwriters and backing musicians Buddy and Julie Miller step into the limelight on their self-titled CD. By Melanie Haiken.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Buddy and Julie Miller.

Music Biz 101. What every artist should know about contracts, copyrights, and royalties. Explanation of how performing rights organizations and arts attorneys can help musicians protect their music. By Danny Carnahan.

Profile. John Buscarino Guitars. Profile of archtop and nylon-string builder John Buscarino. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Shopping for Bargains. Researching, shopping, and negotiating tips for guitar buyers at vintage guitar shows. By Steven Stone.

Brazilian Rosewood. The environmental impact of making guitars with Brazilian rosewood. By William R. Cumpiano.
New Bridge Plates. Why and how to replace a bridge plate on a guitar. By Frank Ford.
Name the Notes. Exercises to help students connect what they hear with what they play. By David Hamburger.

Bluegrass in Dropped D. Simple instructions for playing bluegrass music in dropped-D tuning. By Happy Traum.
Fingerpicking Techniques. Learn to play the complex rhythms of Ghanaian palm wine music. By Thomas Beardslee.

Moonshadow. How to play Cat Stevens' classic "Moonshadow". By Andrew DuBrock.

Tony Rice's Martin D-28. By Craig Havighurst.

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