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No. 133, January 2004

Scottish Fandango
Classical guitarist David Russell on the pleasures of performing, recording, and teaching. By Patrick Francis.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Classical guitarist David Russell.

Spanish Holiday
Experiencing the music and lutherie of Madrid and Granada. By Charles Vega.

Blues in Her Soul
Rory Block returns to her country blues roots with her new stripped-down record Last Fair Deal. By Kenny Berkowitz.

Equipment Picks: Rory Block's guitars and gear.

Mail. Reader letters about Lucinda Williams, Chris Smither, Taylor flattops, and the SLP book Songwriting and the Guitar.

Johnny Cash, 1932-2003. Obituary and appreciation of Johnny Cash. By David McGee.
Massaging the Message. Profile of singer-songwriter Libby Kirkpatrick, discussing her CD Goodnight Venus. By Derk Richardson.
Equipment Picks: Libby Kirkpatrick's guitars and gear.

Going for the Song. Profile of Yonder Mountain String Band, discussing the CD, Old Hands, and their collaboration with Benny Galloway. By Candace Horgan.
Equipment Picks: The guitars, instruments, and gear of Yonder Mountain String Band.

Cyber Notes. Jorma Kaukonen's interactive teaching web site, and free classical sheet music on the Internet.
New Releases. New book on luthier Steve Klein, and new all-star CD, Where We Live, to benefit Earthjustice's campaign for clean air and water.
News. News about the IBMA awards and Winfield flatpicking and fingerpicking contests.
In Memory. Brief obituaries of Paul Burlison, Ronnie Dawson, and Floyd Tillman.

Good Chords. Review of Mick Goodrick's Mr. Goodchord's Almanac of Guitar Voice-Leading for the Year 2001 and Beyond, Vol. 1: Name That Chord and Vol. 2: Do Not Name That Chord. By Gary Joyner.

Hit List
Acoustic Eidolon, Joy to the World. By Celine Keating.
Clogs, Lullaby for Sue. By Derk Richardson.
Enrique Morente, El Pequeno Reloj. By Stephen Dick.
June Carter Cash, Wildwood Flower. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Po' Girl. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Warren Zevon, The Wind. By Mike Thomas.
Gene Bertoncini, Acoustic Romance. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Loudon Wainwright III, So Damn Happy. By Mike Thomas.
Over the Rhine, Ohio. By Drew Pearce.
R.L. Burnside, First Recordings. By Ian Zack.
The Creaking Tree String Quartet. By Celine Keating.

Letter from London. Letter from Soho's Spanish Guitar Centre, Steinway Hall, and a visit with classical guitarist John Williams. By Mark Small.

Roots Music Renegade. Profile of guitarist/banjo picker/songwriter Danny Barnes with music to "Popcorn and Wine". By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Review. Review of new Avalon A335 and KisoKlein DKX-1 guitars. By Teja Gerken.
Review. Review of Lamb Productions' tough plastic flight case for guitars. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Daisy Rock Pixie. New Daisy Rock Pixie acoustic-electric guitar.
Dean Markley Tahoe. Dean Markley releases new magnetic soundhole pickup, the Tahoe.
Guitar Wingz. New Guitar Wingz attachments to give full shape to travel guitars.
K&K Sound Onboard Trinity System. K&K Sound issues new configuration of its Trinity pickup system, the Onboard Trinity System.

Classical Nails. Advice on filing and shaping fingernails for playing classical guitar. By Patrick Francis.
Buyer Beware. Advice about buying a classical guitar sight unseen. By Stephen Dick.
Fret Wire Alloys. Explanation of the metal alloys used to make fret wire. By Rick Turner.

Bluegrass Rhythm. Learning chord voicings and rhythms for playing bluegrass. By Sue Thompson.
Classical Techniques. Patterns and exercises for improving tremolo technique. By Patrick Francis.

Richard Schneider/Jay Hargreaves Mercedes. 2001 Richard Schneider/Jay Hargreaves Mercedes guitar built on principles of Dr. Michael Kasha. By Teja Gerken.

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