No. 097, January 2001


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Rock the House
Thirteen acoustic-electrics for under $1,000. By Teja Gerken.

In Griot Time
An American guitarist's musical adventures in Mali. By Banning Eyre.  

Heartland Bard
Songwriter Greg Brown hews close to his blues and country roots on two new CDs. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Equipment Picks : Greg Brown's instruments and gear.

Mail . Reader letters. 

Dynamic Duo . Profile of Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Equipment Picks : Tim O'Brien's and Darrell Scott's instruments and gear.
Baden Powell, 1937-2000 . In memory of Baden Powell. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Slow Burn . Profile of singer-songwriter Merrie Amsterburg. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Equipment Picks : Merrie Amsterburg's guitars and gear. 

Contests .
Meet A.G. .
News .
"Strang" Bedfellows . Profile of instrumental duo Zubot and Dawson. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Equipment Picks : Zubot's and Dawson's instruments and gear.

Honky Tonk Blues . Review of Hank Williams, Alone With His Guitar and Rare Demos: First to Last. By Michael John Simmons.
Flat Out . Flatpicking guitar instruction videos from Chris Jones, Dan Huckabee, Fred Sokolow, and Jody Stecher. By David McCarty.
Hit List
Axiom of Choice, Niya Yesh . By Gary Joyner.
Laurence Juber, LJ Plays the Beatles . By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Marcio Faraco, Ciranda . By Danny Carnahan.
Mike Dowling, String Crazy . By Duck Baker.
Rust Farm, Snows of March . By Rani Arbo.
Gene Bertoncini, Body and Soul. By Jim Ohlschmidt.
John McCusker, Yella Hoose . By Scott Nygaard.
Sources . Record company addresses.
Takashi Hirayasu and Bob Brozman, Jin Jin/Firefly . By Danny Carnahan.

Letter From Minneapolis . Letter from the Nordic Roots Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota. By Sue Thompson.

Song Surfing . Online resources for songwriters. By Jamie Anderson.

Homegrown CD Awards . Something Burning. Profile of singer-songwriter Deb Talan, Homegrown award winner. By Simone Solondz.

Profile . A profile of British Columbia-based luthier Shelley D. Park. By David McCarty.
New Gear
Pick-up the World Pickups .
Washburn Guitar Pack . Washburn Guitar Pack for the beginning guitarist.
Wing Soundhole Plug . Wing Soundhole Plug for fighting feedback from magnetic soundhole pickups. 

Alternative Tonewoods . Alternative tonewoods are gaining ground in the crafting of quality acoustic guitars. By Marshall Newman.

Guitarrons . A brief history and source list for guitarrons. By Paul Kotapish.
Neck Resets . Resetting the neck on a Santa Cruz Tony Rice dreadnought. By Rick Turner.
Dissonance Delight . An explanation of the role of dissonance in music. By Mark Hanson.

Playing Country Blues. Basics. Beginning fingerstyle blues lesson. By Dale Miller.
Rhythm Techniques . Lesson by Chris Grammp featuring rhythm techniques for swing blues progressions. By Chris Grampp.

1937 D'Angelico Excel . 1937 D'Angelico Excel. By George Gruhn.

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