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Fingerstyle Guitar Essentials

This book-and-CD package offers 12 of the best fingerstyle lessons from past issues of Acoustic Guitar magazine. The book is divided into three sections: Building Technique, Arranging Songs, and Using Alternate Tunings. If you're just getting started, Chris Proctor will show you how to coordinate your thumb and fingers, while Jim Wood will teach you how to use fingerstyle accompaniment to create subtle timbres and textures. Mark Hanson will teach you to arrange for solo guitar, while blues wizard David Hamburger gets you thumping out a steady bass drone, spinning single-note licks and double-stops, and playing 12-bar blues. You also get nine complete songs to play. Includes:


  • Fingerstyle Basics. By Chris Proctor.
  • Accompaniment Patterns. By Jim Wood.
  • Steady Bass Fingerpicking. By David Hamburger.
  • Fingerstyle Improvisation. By Dylan Schorer.
  • Melodies and Bass Lines. By David Hamburger.
  • Banjo Technique for Guitar. By Dick Weissman.


  • Arranging for Solo Guitar. By Mark Hanson.
  • Arranging Piano Music. By Dale Miller.
  • Fiddle to Fingerstyle. By John Knowles.


  • Easy Alternate Tunings. By Dylan Schorer.
  • Open-D Tuning. By Mark Hanson.
  • Exploring D A D G A D. By Mark Hanson.


  • Aura Lee
  • Old Joe Clark
  • How Can I Keep from Singing?
  • If I Only Had a Brain
  • Satin Doll
  • Ashokan Farewell
  • Raindance
  • Amazing Grace
  • Twin Sisters

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