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No. 132, December 2003

Fractured Folk Tales
Fingerstyle guitar icon Alex de Grassi deconstructs traditional American folk songs on Now and Then. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Equipment Picks: Alex de Grassi's guitars and gear.

New York Stories
A new blend of jazz harmony and improvisation with pop songcraft. By Dan Ouellette.

Raising the Bar
Rob Ickes explores the potential of the Dobro in and beyond bluegrass. By Steve Romanoski.

Equipment Picks: The guitars, Dobros, and gear of Rob Ickes.

Mail. Reader letters.

Guitars on Parade. Report from the 2003 Healdsburg Guitar Festival. By Teja Gerken.
A Mighty Gust. Profile of the pop band Guster upon the release of CD Keep It Together. By Drew Pearce.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Guster.

Warren Zevon 1947-2003. Obituary of singer-songwriter Warren Zevon and news of his final CD, The Wind. By Derk Richardson.

News. News about Kris Kristofferson, a special page on the Collings Guitars website, and ownership rights to rare Hank Williams recordings.
New Releases. Marc Ribot's new book of Frantz Casseus music, two classic Peter Lang CDs reissued, J'ai Ete au Bal and Chulas Fronteras released on DVD, and a new book about Grit Laskin's inlay art, 'A Guitarmaker's Canvas'.
Contests. Deadlines for LadySixString Lyric Writing Contest and Nashville Song Search.

Mr. Guitar at Home. Review of Chet Atkins, 'Solo Sessions' CD of music he recorded at home. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Hit List
Alexis Harte, Sunlight Loping. By Derk Richardson.
Dylan Fowler, Ffynnon Ofor.By Teja Gerken.
Kris Delmhorst, Songs for a Hurricane. By Mike Thomas.
Shooglenifty, The Arms Dealer's Daughter. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Soig Siberil, Gitar. By Danny Carnahan.
The Double String Trio, Music of the Renaissance/Music of Today. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Buddy Guy, Blues Singer. By Ian Zack.
Mad Agnes, Magic Hour. By Celine Keating.
Richard Walz, Doug Back, Andrew Zohn, The Big Trio Reprise. By Michael John Simmons.
Scott Miller and the Commonwealth, Upside Down. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Dix Bruce and Jim Nunally, Brothers at Heart. By Sue Thompson.
Fred Sokolow, Swing Guitar. By David McCarty.
Ricardo Cobo, Guitar Lullaby. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

From Bangalore, India. Letter from Bangalore, India. By Rzhude David.

In Between Days. Profile of pop singer-songwriter Pete Yorn with music to "Pass Me By" from his CD, Day I Forgot. By Drew Pearce.
Equipment Picks: Pete Yorn's guitars and gear.

Classical Performance. Tips from three renowned guitarists. Tips on choosing a program, relieving preconcert jitters, warming up, and staying focused in performance. By Mark Small.

Profile. Profile of luthier Roy Noble. By Ben Elder.
Review. Review of Tascam CD-GT-1 portable CD player. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Alvarez MSDI. Alvarez MSDI travel guitar.
Dunlop Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil. Dunlop Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil for cleaning and conditioning guitar fingerboards.
Hohner HFM-100VSB. Hohner HFM-100VSB F-style mandolin.
Johnson JM-991-S. Johnson's new resonator guitar with nickle-plated, bell-brass body.

Southpaw Strummers. Instrument options for left-handed guitarists. Shopping for and retrofitting guitars for lefties. By Richard Johnston.

Blistering Licks. What to do when you develop blisters on your fingertips. By Karen Hogg.
The Mystery Guild. Identifying Guild and Recording King lap steel guitars. By Hans Moust.
Provisional Pickguards. Protecting your guitar top with clear plastic static-cling temporary pickguards. By Frank Ford.

Accompanying a Singer/Guitarist. Advice on providing guitar backup for a singer/guitarist. By Thomas Beardslee.
Fingerstyle Repertoire. An arrangement of the holiday tune "Shchedryk," the original basis for "Carol of the Bells". By Dylan Schorer.

High Heel Shoe. Traditional, arranged by Bryan Sutton. Music to 'High Heel Shoe'. By David McCarty.
Equipment Picks: Bryan Sutton's guitars and gear.

Clarence White's 1967 Roy Noble Dreadnought. The story of the building and ownership of Clarence White's 1967 Roy Noble Dreadnought. By Ben Elder.

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