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No. 140, August 2004

Still Life on Fretboard
Master inlay artists discuss the tools and process of their art. By Simone Solondz.

Made to Order
Unique, personalized instruments from manufacturer custom shops. By Teja Gerken.

Wait Till Night
Sam Phillips sings her heart out on the graceful, poetic A Boot and a Shoe. By Dan Ouellette.

Equipment Picks: Sam Phillips's guitars and gear

Mail. Reader mail about new AG design, Taylor Guitars feature, alternate tunings, Eko Ranger Great Acoustics, John McLaughlin, online lessons.


Sarah Harmer. A journalist's eye, a poet's ear, a different kind of call to arms. Profile of Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer, who talks about her latest CD, All of Our Names. By Drew Pearce.
Equipment Picks: Sarah Harmer's guitars and gear.

Classical Corner
Eden-Stell Guitar Duo. England's top classical duo finds success in team play. Interview with Mark Eden and Christoper Small of England's classical guitar duo Eden-Stell. By Mark Small.
Equipment Picks: The guitars, strings, and gear of the Eden-Stell Guitar Duo.

Wide World
Lichi Fuentes. Committed to music and community. Profile of and interview with Chilean-born, Bay Area-based singer-songwriter/activist Lichi Fuentes. By Derk Richardson.
Equipment Picks: Lichi Fuentes' guitars and gear.

Barney Kessel, 1923-2004. Obituary of jazz guitarist Barney Kessel. By Michael John Simmons.
Bluegrass Journey. New documentary 'Bluegrass Journey' released on DVD and VHS.
If Guitars Could Talk. 'Fingerstyle Guitar' magazine founder John August Schroeter publishes new book, Between the Strings-The Secret Lives of Guitars.
Living Legend. Dolly Parton awarded Library of Congress' Living Legend Award.
Love Lost and Found. Singer-songwriter Laura Love publishes autobiography in conjunction with release of new CD, both titled You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes.
MerleFest Winners. Announcement of instrumental and songwriting winners at 2004 MerleFest.

East Meets West. A Japanese luthier's thoughts on guitars from both sides of the Pacific. Michihiro Matsuda writes about differences in Asian and American aesthetics and preferences in terms of guitar tone. By Michihiro Matsuda.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Canadian bluesman Harry Manx.

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, Been All Around This World. By Celine Keating.
Paul Geremia, Love, Murder, and Mosquitos. By Ian Zack.
Ron Sexsmith, Retriever. By Drew Pearce.
Tom Russell, Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs. By Celine Keating.
Heidi Talbot, Distant Future. By Danny Carnahan.
Jason Fowler, Temporary Ground. By Mike Thomas.
Leroy Martez Bell, Spending Time. By Derk Richardson.
Jim Byrnes, Fresh Horses. By Derk Richardson.
Various Artists, Cold Mountain. By Simone Solondz.
David Lee Murphy, Tryin' to Get There. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Rajan Spolia, Good Fortune. By Gary Joyner.

Review. Takamine's acoustic-electric TAN77 with Cool Tube onboard preamp. By Teja Gerken.
New Gear. Acoustic Image Clarus SL, a new head-only version of the Clarus amplifier.
New Gear. Dean Espana CSCM. Dean Guitars adds affordable acoustic-electric nylon-string to its line.
New Gear. Crafter TB-Rose. Crafter introduces grand auditorium-sized cutaway acoustic with T-brace design and L.R. Baggs Element electronics.
New Gear. AKG updates its classic C 414 microphone with the large-diaphragm AKG C 414 B-XLS, specifically voiced for use with acoustic instruments.
Review. G7th introduces its chrome-plated, cast-zinc Performance Capo with wrap-spring clutch. By Teja Gerken.

The Art of Tuning. Upgrading the tuning machines on your classical guitar. Discussion of upgrading tuning machines on classical guitars with specific mention of Fustero, Reischl, Grover, Gotoh, Gilbert, Rodgers, Schaller, and Sloane tuners. By Charles Vega.

Are You Going to Finish That?. Warning about the big job involved in removing a pickguard and refinishing the top of an acoustic guitar. By Frank Ford.
Musical Math. An explanation of swing notation. By Andrew DuBrock.
Picking Preference. Discussion of the effects on tone of fingerpicking without long fingernails. By Teja Gerken.

Fingerstyle Basics. A lesson in integrating rhythm, bass, and lead parts in contemporary urban folk and traditional fingerstyle arrangements. By Carol McComb.
Jazz Techniques. A lesson in chord-melody arranging and playing for jazz guitar. By Ken Hatfield.

Tumbalalaika. Traditional, arranged by Nina Gerber. Music to Tumbalalaika. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Equipment Picks: Nina Gerber's guitars and gear.

Epiphone Recording E. By Dakota Dave Hull.

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