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No. 128, August 2003

Fruits of Her Labor
Lucinda Williams hits her songwriting stride with the raw, rockin' World Without Tears. By Dan Ouellette.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Lucinda Williams.

Man out of Time
Guitar Maker Antonio de Torres invented the modern guitar 150 years ago. By Kenny Hill.

Out of Django's Shadow
Bireli Lagrene finds a new voice by returning to his Gypsy jazz roots. By David McCarty.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Bireli Lagrene.

Letters. Reader Letters.

Right on Time. Profile and interview with the Reeltime Travelers, a new old-time traditional acoustic band from Johnson City, Tennessee, with debut CD Livin' Reeltime, Thinkin' Old-Time. By Mike Thomas.
Equipment Picks: The instruments and gear of the Reeltime Travelers.

The H-13 Rides Again. Santa Cruz Guitar Co. builds 25th-anniversary versions of its Paul Hostetter-designed H-13 model guitari. By Simone Solondz.
Gathering the Sacred. Profile of singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer on the release of her CD The Gathering of Spirits. By Steve Givens.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Carrie Newcomer.

Contests. International Songwriting and Open Strings Guitar competitions.
Events. Aspen Music Festival, Ukulele Expo 2003, California Brazil Camp.
In Memory. Obituaries for Rose Augustine and Felice Bryant.
New Releases. Pierre Bensusan's 'The Intuite Guitar Book,' Townes Van Zandt reissue, John McGann's new instruction book.

More Guitar! Reviews of Richard Thompson's new studio album 'The Old Kit Bag' and a live album from 1988, 'More Guitar!'. By Derk Richardson.

Hit List
Bull Harman, Rosewood, Spruce, and Ebony. By Sue Thompson.
Jack West and Curvature, Around About Now. By Teja Gerken.
Kathleen Edwards, Failer. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Steve James, Fast Texas. By Ian Zack.
Terri Binion, Fool. By Karen Iris Tucker.
The Jayhawks, Rainy Day Music. By Mike Thomas.
Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Natalia. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Olaf Tarenskeen Acoustic Trio, Missing Links. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Letter From South Africa. Letter from Capetown, Durban, and the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. By Dan Ouellette.

Now More Pencils, No More Books. A first-hand account of enrolling in the Berklee College of Music's online program. By Nicole Solis.

Love and Dreamtime. Interview with singer-songwriter Dar Williams about her songwriting and her CD 'The Beauty of the Rain'. By Paul Zollo.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Dar Williams.

In Your Room. Creating the ideal environment for your home studio. Tips and advice on setting up a home recording studio. By David Simons.

Review. Three Frame-Based Practice Guitars. Reviews of new steel-string practice guitars by Yamaha and SoloEtte and a nylon-string practice guitar by Miranda. By Teja Gerken.
Review. Aphex Acoustic Exciter. Review of the Aphex stomp-box variation of its Aural Exciter effects box especially for use with acoustic-electric instruments.

New Gear
Yamaha AA5, Jay Turser Craviola, Peavey Briarwood Series, Ibanez AW105CERLG. New product announcements for a Yamaha battery-powered amp, Jay Turser's reissue of '60s-style Brazilian Craviola guitars, the Peavey Briarwood series guitar, and a new Ibanez dreadnought.

Under Pressue. Why bridges crack and how to repair them. Description of the causes of cracked guitar bridges and advice on how to fix them. By Frank Ford.

Fiddle Tune Fretting. Suggestions on how to flatpick the fiddle tune 'Soldier's Joy' from the Acoustic Guitar book, Flatpicking Guitar Essentials. By Scott Nygaard.
Classical Comfort. Finding a solution to nerve irritation and discomfort when playing a standard classical guitar. By Teja Gerken.
Krafty Dobros. The origin and history of Old Kraftsman Dobros made by Kay for the Spiegel mail-order company. By George Gruhn.

What chord names mean. A breakdown of major and minor triads, augemented and diminished triads, sevenths, and their various combinations. By David Hamburger.
Flatpicking Techniques. Integrating open-chord arpeggios into playing and practice. By David Surette.

Whispers. Music by Rick Ruskin. Profile of fingerstyle guitarist/composer Rick Ruskin and analysis of his composition 'Whispers'. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Equipment Picks: The guitars of Rick Ruskin.

Elfolk. The Elfolk acoustic guitar was manufactured with its own built-in amplifier and speaker. By Michael John Simmons.

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