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No. 116, August 2002

Heart-Shaped World
Chris Isaak looks for love in all the right places. By Paul Kotapish.

Equipment Picks: Pop crooner Chris Isaak's guitars and gear.

The Spirit of Duende
Latin Grammy-winning flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo releases his first recording in the US. By Bill Milkowski.

Equipment Picks: Flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo's guitars and gear.

Less Is More
The sky-rocketing popularity of the contemporary 12-fret guitar. By Teja Gerken.

Mail. Reader letters.

Expedition Antarctica. Avante-garde guitarist Henry Kaiser spent a summer in Antarctica, composing and recording an album inspired by the area. By Simone Solondz.
Daughter of the Blues. Sixty-year-old roots and blues musician Precious Bryant records old Georgia blues, country dance songs, and R&B classics on her first solo album, Fool Me Good. By Steve James.
Equipment Picks: Blueswoman Precious Bryant's guitars and gear.

Art and Music. Fingerstylist Phil Keaggy's new CDs, Cinemascapes and In the Quiet Hours, are inspired by visual art. By Jim Ohlschmidt.
Equipment Picks: Fingerstylist Phil Keaggy's guitars and gear.

Fishin' Blues. Producer Gurf Morlix gets out from behind the controls to record his second solo album, Fishin' in the Muddy. By Bill Meyer.
Equipment Picks: Gurf Morlix's guitars and gear.

New Releases
Cyber Notes
In Memory. In memory of songwriter Otis Blackwell and luthier John Zeidler.

Northern Lights. Review of new CDs by Aly Bain and Ale Moller, Draupner, Petri Hakala, Markku Lepisto, Haugaard and Hoirup, Sofia Karlsson, Varttina, and Vasen. By Scott Nygaard.
Learning from Legends. Review of instructional videos for beginners: The Songs and Guitar of Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver, The Guitar of Lead Belly, and Essential D A D G A D for Beginners. By Karen Hogg.
Hit List
Bola Sete, Shambhala Moon. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Luke Brindley, How Faint the Whisper. By Gary Joyner.
Mae Moore, It's a Funny World. By Scott Nygaard.
Norman Blake and Peter Ostroushko, Meeting on Southern Soil. By Paul Kotapish.
So Kalmery, Bendera. By Rani Arbo.
Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haqu, Macedonian Blues: Laments and Dances. By Teja Gerken.
John Hasbrouck, Ice Cream. By Ian Zack.
Sarah Lee Guthrie. Johnny Irion, Unity Lodge. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Guitar Method. By Karen Hogg.
Jon Damian, The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising. By Gary Joyner.

From Mississippi. Steve Cheseborough tracks down the guitar played by his musical hero, bluesman Bo Carter. By Steve Cheseborough.

Time to Change. When and how to change steel and nylon strings. Detailed instructions on how and when to change your guitar strings. By Teja Gerken.

Songwriting Boot Camp. Pop songwriter Lisa Loeb traveled around the world to work with Glenn Ballard, Randy Scruggs, Gary Barr, and Burt Bacharach. By Andrew DuBrock.
Equipment Picks: Pop singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb's guitars and gear.

Perform Your Best. How to put your best foot forward onstage. By Happy Traum.

Profile. Canadian luthier Michael Dunn specializes in Gypsy jazz guitars influenced by Selmer and Maccaferri. By Ben Elder.
Review. Two new inexpensive solid-top guitars: the Garrison G-20 and Carvin C250S. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Deering Acoustic-Electric Goodtime Banjo. Deering's acoustic-electric Goodtime banjo is available in four colors.
Kangaroo Amp Cover. Kangaroo amp covers combine protection for your amplifier and storage space.
Roxio Toast with Jam. Roxio releases a new version of Toast, their popular Macintosh CD-burning software, bundled with advanced audio features.

Ooh, That Smell. Advice on removing pet stains (and their odor) from a guitar. By Nicole Solis.
Nuts and Saddles. Tips on replacing the nut and saddle of your guitar. By Teja Gerken.
Practice Time. How structure and planning can help you get the most out of your practice time. By David Hamburger.

Shufflin' the Blues. How to play the blues shuffle rhythm. By Thomas Beardslee.
World Music Styles. Playing the rhythm and melody of French bourrees, a country dance. By David Surette.

Terraplane Blues. Words and music to Robert Johnson's "Terraplane Blues". By Steve James.
Equipment Picks: Blues legend Robert Johnson's guitars and gear.

Woody Guthrie's Martin 000-18. By Preston L. Gratiot.

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