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No. 124, April 2003

Passion and Perseverance
Tracy Chapman finds rays of hope amid dark clouds. By Dan Ouellette.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Tracy Chapman.

Texas Gold
Songwriting legend Guy Clark shines in 'The Dark'. By Mike Thomas.

Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of songwriter Guy Clark.

Summer Study 2003
Our annual guide to camps and workshops around the world. By Nicole Solis.

Summer Study 2003
Triad Power. By Mark Hanson.

Summer Study 2003
Dominant-Seventh Swing Licks. By Dix Bruce.

Summer Study 2003
Bottleneck Basics. By Steve James.

Summer Study 2003
Bluegrass Kickoffs. By Scott Nygaard.

Mail. Reader letters.

Two of a Kind. King of the 12-string Leo Kottke and Phish bassist Mike Gordon make an unlikely but successful duo on their album Clone. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of fingerstylist Leo Kottke and bassist Mike Gordon.

East Meets West. Canadian musician Harry Manx plays a unique blend of blues and traditional Indian music. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Canadian bluesman Harry Manx.

Desert Music. Canadian singer-songwriter Lynn Miles recreates the openness of the desert on her latest CD, Unravel. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Equipment Picks: The guitars and gear of Canadian singer-songwriter Lynn Miles.

New Releases
In Memory. In memory of Jim Reynolds of bluegrass duo Jim and Jesse and Lovin' Spoonful guitarist Zal Yanovsky.

Rolling Thunder. Review of 'Bob Dylan Live 1975,' a collection of 22 songs from his Rolling Thunder Revue tour. By Paul Zollo.

Hit List
Cephas and Wiggins, Somebody Told the Truth. By Ian Zack.
Dick Gaughan, Prentice Piece. By Danny Carnahan.
Equation, First Name Terms. By Scott Nygaard.
Ernie Hawkins, Mean Little Poodle. By Ian Zack.
Hot Club of San Francisco, Veronica. By David McCarty.
Richard Buckner, Impasse. By Drew Pearce.
Andrew Hardin, Just Like This Train. By Celine Keating.
Billy Joe Shaver, Freedom's Child. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Jose Merce, Lio. By Stephen Dick.
Paul Asbell, Steel String Americana. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Winifred Horan, Just One Wish. By Sue Thompson.

Friendly Feedback. Starting a songwriter's circle in your hometown. Advice for songwriters looking to start a song circle in their area. By Jamie Anderson.

Classical Connections. Online classical guitar resources. A guide to classical guitar websites and other resources on the Internet. By Mark Small.

Profile. Virginia-based luthiers Jim, Dave, and Chuck Merrill examine vintage instruments to create their contemporary guitars. By David McCarty.
Review. Review of four mini-four-tracks: Boss BR-532, Tascam Pocketstudio 5, Zoom MRS-4, and Korg PXR4. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Cordoba C5 Series. Guitar Salon International adds three new guitars as part of its new C5 line.
John Mickelson Bridge Pins. John Mickelson (aka Fossil Ivory King) introduces bridge pins made of water buffalo horn.
Ritter RCG700 Gig Bags. Ritter Outdoor Ltd.'s new line of gig bags features water-repellent polyester and 20 mm. of foam padding.

Alternate Tuning Chords. A basic introduction to alternate tunings. By Teja Gerken.
Bars of the Stars. David Lindley and Jerry Douglas' preferred tone bars and an explanation of different types of slides. By Ben Elder.
Practice Tracks. CDs that play backup or practice tracks to songs to help guitarists practice their lead playing. By Nicole Solis.

Minstrel Melodies. A brief history of minstrel music and instructions on how to play the flatpicking favorite "Golden Slippers". By Scott Nygaard.
Fingerstyle Technique. An introduction to Lenny Breau-style two-note comping. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

1928 Gibson L-3 Special. Gibson's 1928 archtop, spruce-and-maple L-3 Special is a smaller version of their L-5. By Michael John Simmons.

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