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Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Best Private Lessons

Craving variety in your guitar playing? Satisfy your hunger for new guitar techniques and styles with Acoustic Guitar's collection of its finest lessons, hand-picked from its comprehensive lesson book library.

Players of all levels have a rare opportunity to explore a wide range of techniques, including fingerstyle, flatpicking, alternate tunings, and bottleneck slide, while enjoying a variety of musical styles—rock, blues, Celtic, swing, bluegrass, and more. You'll also learn how to make the most of your practice time, choose a teacher, and train your ear from the best guitar teachers around. Includes:


  • Acoustic Rock Rhythm. By Mark Hanson.
  • Chord Embellishment. By Dylan Schorer.
  • Jazz Chord Basics.  By Dix Bruce.


  • Beginning Blues Soloing. By David Hamburger.
  • Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes. By Scott Nygaard.


  • Building Fingerstyle Arrangements.  By Andrew DuBrock.
  • Steady Bass Fingerpicking. By David Hamburger.
  • Your First Guitar Rag. By Dale Miller.


  • The Magic of D A D G A D.  By Al Petteway.
  • Bottleneck Slide in Open Tunings.  By Steve James.


  • Practicing Secrets. By Kristina Olsen.
  • Choosing a Teacher. By Gary Joyner.
  • Learning Songs off Records. By Dylan Schorer.


  • "Star of the Country Down"
  • "June Apple"
  • "Soldier's Joy"
  • "Sand River Belle"
  • "Greensleeves"
  • "Guitar Rag"
  • "She Moved Through the Faire"
  • "Morrison's Jig"
  • "John Henry"
  • "Railroad Bill"