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Acoustic Guitar Chord and Harmony Basics


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Learn the fundamentals of acoustic guitar chords: your first chords and beyond. Whether you're a beginning or an intermediate acoustic guitarist, chords are the foundation for the songs you play. Here's a book that teaches you the real-world chord voicings, shapes, and progressions used by today's top acoustic players.

Not a chord encyclopedia, Acoustic Guitar Chord and Harmony Basics shows you what you really need to know, along with valuable tips and tricks to help you understand and master the sounds of bluegrass, blues, folk, rock, and roots music. Includes:

  • First Chords
  • Seventh Chords, Power Chords, and More
  • Basic Chord Theory
  • Blues Chords
  • Extended Chords
  • Barre Chords
  • Chord Fills
  • Chords Up the Neck
  • Chord Embellishments and Substitutions
  • Essential Chord Library

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